Definitely some of the best macro videography I have come across.

Reflection – Initially, watching these videos got me very excited and I was slightly in awe at how well they have been produced. But once that feeling wore off, around the fourth video, I was hit with a great sense of inferiority. Watching these videos has made me doubt my own skills in the task I have to undertake. Hopefully once I get to finally start test shooting, I will feel slightly more confident in myself.

Actions –  Practice is the only way I can build my confidence so before I pitch my idea, I hope to have a good deal of footage and images of my own to back up my idea.  


More Story Development.

I am struggling with creating a concrete story to be a platform for my idea. I know what I want the project to look like but I still can’t think of a strong story or reason behind it. 

When I visualise the end product, it reminds me a lot of certain dystopian fictions such as Blade Runner (1982) or Children of Men (2006). Colours spring to mind, mainly influenced by Blade Runner, florescent colours in purples, blues, greens and reds.

Reflection –  So I feel as if I know what I want the project to be like visually, but I am frustrated by what story I want to tell or the point I want to make. I don’t want the video to be just a jumble of macro shots. 

Actions – I am going to watch and read some dystopian fictions to try and draw some inspiration from and hopefully spark and idea for a story.

Story Development.

I have spent a lot of time over the past week trying to figure out where I could go, story wise, with my macro idea. I know I want to centre my idea around humans and mechanical objects but struggled with a story to bind it all together. 

The relationship between man and machine is something that is extremely well covered, but one of my ideas revolves around the way in which the mechanical objects we create are based upon the functions we already have going on in our bodies. The notion that we, ourselves, are ‘man made’ coincides with the fact that these mechanical objects we create are as well. I find that very interesting.

Using macro photography and videography helps to emphasize that point by looking at the intricacies of the functions our bodys and certain mechanisms share. 

Reflection – I feel that the direction that this idea is taking could become a strong idea, given a little more time and thought to really bind it together. For the past week, my thoughts have been in a state of flux regarding the story, I couldn’t decide whether the idea would have the desired impact and could possibly end up coming across slightly cliche.

Actions – Still waiting on the extension tubes to start the experimenting. They should be here by the start of next week so hopefully I will begin to have a clearer vision of the potential of the story I am trying to tell.        

Todays Tutorial.

Todays tutorial was a massive help in multiple areas. First off, I outlined my macro idea to our tutor Johnny to which he responded very positively. This gave me a confidence boost and helped me see that I am going in the right direction. His main issue was with how this could be turned into a story and what it represents so it isn’t just a jumble of macro shots of body parts and mechanical objects and if I am honest, that is my main problem too. 

Another point of conversation within todays session was the end of year show and how we were going to present our work. I had an idea of having one of the mechanical pieces I will be using in the final video, actually on display with my camera set up next to it so people can look at the detail them selves and even move the camera around to find other interesting things. As for the display of the final video, I was thinking something along the lines of having the screen underneath a black cloth and you would view it as you would when taking a photograph on an early victorian camera. These are just basic ideas of where I want to go with the presentation of it, hopefully it will become clearer closer to the time.

Reflection – The session with Johnny gave me a confidence boost in regards to my idea, which was very welcome. It also got me thinking about a creative way to present my final product which I hadn’t previously thought about. 

 Actions – By the end of the week I hope to have my equipment sorted and I will immediately begin experimenting with my ideas. Hopefully this will aid in me finalising a theme and story for my video.    

Idea Development.

I think I am going to concentrate on the relationship between man and machine. The similarities between our own bodies and the mechanisms we have created as a species. The idea needs a story still, but I am confident that I can get some really good visual work with this idea that I have.

Actions – The story needs development and I still need the right equipment to start my experiments. I am going to try and find some alternate methods of achieving a macro effect, for example shooting through a magnifying glass.

Theme Ideas.

I have been having some thought on the direction that my macro video coud take.

Mechanical Body Parts Idea – As soon as the idea of macro came into my head, I had the vision of filming the inner workings of a clock or watch. From there the idea turned into filming mechanical objects representing human organs or body parts, e.g. the ticking watch would represent a beating heart, the sub-woofers of a speaker would represent ear drums, the filament of a light bulb representing the brain and a hoover bag representing the lungs.

Reflection – When I had this idea, I was very excited about where it could go. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t very original idea and maybe a bit cliche. To give it a bigger impact, the mechanical objects need to be a little more obscure maybe.

Band Setting-Up Idea – Another idea of mine was to shoot a band setting up their equipment, using only macro shots to tell the story. Shots like tuning a guitar and putting together the parts of the drum kit.

Reflection – I think that if this idea is going to make any sort of impact it needs more development theme-wise. But I like the idea of the little details that could be involved in shooting a band setting up.

Actions – I need to start making test shots and experimenting to come to a final decision on this I think. I didn’t win either of the Ebay bids I was involved in and I am still looking for a lens. Until then i can get an extension tube and use my basic 18 – 55mm lens to take some test shots.