The Start.

Today was my first day getting to grips with the latest brief. Our tutor, Peter Waiting, asked us to come up with a list of potential ideas to be the basis of our pitches. 

Reflection – When everyone in our group started to talk about their ideas, it became instantly apparent that I had not put as much thought into it as they had. Their ideas were extremely good in comparison to my own half baked ideas, this had me worried. When it came to my turn, I tried to explain an idea I had to do a modern twist on the fable of Rumplestiltskin.

Rumplestiltskin Idea –  A ‘down-and-out’ man owes money to a drug dealer but can’t pay him back. In a nut shell, Rumplestiltskin appears to the man and offers to help him out at an undisclosed price. The man, being in a desperate situation, agrees to offer anything Rumplestiltskin asks for. The man wakes up in the morning to find a large crop of Marijuana plants dotted around his room. He then uses the plants to pay off his debt to the drug dealer, but the dealer gets greedy and announces that if the man does not produce an even bigger crop, the consequences would be dire. 

Reflection – That is all I had and in comparison to everyone else’s ideas, it sounded ridiculous. I was feeling very nervous about coming up with a strong idea until Peter took me aside and helped me develop my creative thought process. He pointed out some areas in my previous work that I could elaborate on which got me thinking about extreme close-up and macro shooting. It was exactly the spark I needed to get the ball rolling and made me feel a lot more positive about areas I could explore.

The Snowboarding Idea – I have a few friends who are keen snowboarders and it has long been a hope of mine to make a snowboarding video with them. I had the idea to document their experiences of a trip to the Alps that they are going on later in the year. They have a mix of talent within their group, ranging from the very experienced to total novice. What drew me to wanting to make this idea is that they are all from quite under-privileged backgrounds and they take this trip once a year to escape to somewhere beautiful and exhilarating, it is a break they need from their normal lives and that is a factor I would focus on.

Reflection – My two main concerns with this idea are timing and money. First of all, timing because I am not 100% on when they will be heading to the Alps and there is nothing set in stone and second, money because I would have to fund my trip to the Alps with them in order to film them. These are two big factors in the reason why I will most likely not be able to take on this project, although I feel it could have made a brilliant project for my final year. The visuals I could capture would be stunning and, in my opinion, would have stood out from the rest of the years submissions.

The Macro Idea – When filming, I am always interested in shooting the minor details and the intricacies of minute things. I don’t yet have a theme, but I am certainly confident I can produce something of a good quality. I had a thought of shooting something along the lines of a process from a macro point of view. I definitely want macro shots of the intricacies of clock work and the mechanical aspect. 

Actions – My main aim is to find and buy a new lens and an extension tube to create a magnification effect to shoot the macro shots, and to also develop a theme for the video.

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