Lens and Extension Tube.

I have spent the day trying to find a 50mm prime lens within my price range. So far, Ebay seems to be the place to look as there are a few Pentax Asahi 50mm F1.7 prime lenses going from  around £30 – £60+. I have placed bids on a couple that look in good condition, but as I don’t have a lot of disposable income, I am at a disadvantage when it comes to trying to win a bid.

The reason I want a 50mm prime, and the Asahi in particular, is because it is a good fast lens with a low F-stop which will be handy when filming macro shots.

The extension tube should be around £10 to buy. The reason I need one of these is to recreate the effect that a macro lens has but on a more basic scale and, most importantly, a cheaper budget. The reason we get a magnification effect is that the extension tube fixes the lens at a further distance from the sensor that usual, much like the effect we get the further away we hold a magnifying glass away from the subject or our eyes.

Actions –  Hopefully I will be successul in my bidding for the lenses and I should have an extension tube very soon to start with some test shots for my macro idea.

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