Theme Ideas.

I have been having some thought on the direction that my macro video coud take.

Mechanical Body Parts Idea – As soon as the idea of macro came into my head, I had the vision of filming the inner workings of a clock or watch. From there the idea turned into filming mechanical objects representing human organs or body parts, e.g. the ticking watch would represent a beating heart, the sub-woofers of a speaker would represent ear drums, the filament of a light bulb representing the brain and a hoover bag representing the lungs.

Reflection – When I had this idea, I was very excited about where it could go. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t very original idea and maybe a bit cliche. To give it a bigger impact, the mechanical objects need to be a little more obscure maybe.

Band Setting-Up Idea – Another idea of mine was to shoot a band setting up their equipment, using only macro shots to tell the story. Shots like tuning a guitar and putting together the parts of the drum kit.

Reflection – I think that if this idea is going to make any sort of impact it needs more development theme-wise. But I like the idea of the little details that could be involved in shooting a band setting up.

Actions – I need to start making test shots and experimenting to come to a final decision on this I think. I didn’t win either of the Ebay bids I was involved in and I am still looking for a lens. Until then i can get an extension tube and use my basic 18 – 55mm lens to take some test shots.

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