Todays Tutorial.

Todays tutorial was a massive help in multiple areas. First off, I outlined my macro idea to our tutor Johnny to which he responded very positively. This gave me a confidence boost and helped me see that I am going in the right direction. His main issue was with how this could be turned into a story and what it represents so it isn’t just a jumble of macro shots of body parts and mechanical objects and if I am honest, that is my main problem too. 

Another point of conversation within todays session was the end of year show and how we were going to present our work. I had an idea of having one of the mechanical pieces I will be using in the final video, actually on display with my camera set up next to it so people can look at the detail them selves and even move the camera around to find other interesting things. As for the display of the final video, I was thinking something along the lines of having the screen underneath a black cloth and you would view it as you would when taking a photograph on an early victorian camera. These are just basic ideas of where I want to go with the presentation of it, hopefully it will become clearer closer to the time.

Reflection – The session with Johnny gave me a confidence boost in regards to my idea, which was very welcome. It also got me thinking about a creative way to present my final product which I hadn’t previously thought about. 

 Actions – By the end of the week I hope to have my equipment sorted and I will immediately begin experimenting with my ideas. Hopefully this will aid in me finalising a theme and story for my video.    

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