Story Development.

I have spent a lot of time over the past week trying to figure out where I could go, story wise, with my macro idea. I know I want to centre my idea around humans and mechanical objects but struggled with a story to bind it all together. 

The relationship between man and machine is something that is extremely well covered, but one of my ideas revolves around the way in which the mechanical objects we create are based upon the functions we already have going on in our bodies. The notion that we, ourselves, are ‘man made’ coincides with the fact that these mechanical objects we create are as well. I find that very interesting.

Using macro photography and videography helps to emphasize that point by looking at the intricacies of the functions our bodys and certain mechanisms share. 

Reflection – I feel that the direction that this idea is taking could become a strong idea, given a little more time and thought to really bind it together. For the past week, my thoughts have been in a state of flux regarding the story, I couldn’t decide whether the idea would have the desired impact and could possibly end up coming across slightly cliche.

Actions – Still waiting on the extension tubes to start the experimenting. They should be here by the start of next week so hopefully I will begin to have a clearer vision of the potential of the story I am trying to tell.        

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