Modern Dystopia.

I have been doing research into modern views of dystopia and how recent fiction has portrayed what the makers have visualised our future to be like. It seems that the early vision of dystopian future focused more on the moral corruption and stagnation of the human race and how, even though the major powers have strived to create a utopian society, we have payed for it with our freedom and live in a time of oppression and control. Recent fiction has focused heavily on an apocalyptic future in which the human race has been crippled and society has totally collapsed. The same themes run through all dystopian fiction, themes of decay, destruction, oppression and fear whether they are metaphorical or literal. These are the themes that are going to run through my final video piece with the eye representing the stark realisation that future generations may have to come to terms with, but it will also represent how current generations need to open their eyes to the fact that there is a very real threat of the human race heading towards a very real dystopian future.

Reflection – I am feeling a lot more confident that my dystopian idea has the power and depth to hold the viewers attention, my only worry is that I won’t be able to convey the message as accurately as I want without explaining it to them. Maybe there should be a short explanation at the beginning of the video to establish the point of the video.

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