I feel that the best thing to do in order to understand what is going to be in the final product, and indeed what it is supposed to represent, is to break down the recurring themes of a dystopia.

Decay – One of the main themes of dystopian fiction is decay. It is portrayed in both a literal sense and a metaphorical sense. For example the decaying of buildings and man made objects in a post-apocalyptic world would be a literal decay, whereas it can also be portrayed in the metaphorical sense in the decay of morals and society as a whole.

Fear – This is the crux of a dystopia, whether it is the fear of an oppressive government, the fear of survival or the fear of the unknown. Fear can cripple us, but it can also be an incredibly effective motivator.

Time – We convince ourselves that the dystopian fiction we read or watch is not only unrealistic but that it is set in the future and that we are out of its reach. We asure ourselves that time is on our side, but time is relentless and we are fast approaching a future that the majority of people do not feel positively about.

Oppression –  In almost all dystopian fiction, there is an oppressive force. There are also the characters that struggle against these forces and strive to free themselves. It is the age old theme of good versus evil.

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