The Eye.

Eye imagery is becoming very prominent in my idea. Its relevance to the dystopian idea, and also to the use of macro, has given me the idea to film as many peoples eyes in macro as possible. I am going to have them doing different things and hopefully get them to show different emotions. I find the fact that the movement and dilation of our eyes gives away our sub conscious thoughts and emotions to be extremely intriguing and I think that this can be used to a great effect in my final product.

Suren Manvelyan – During some macro research, I came across an Armenian photographer named Suren Manvelyan who released a series of macro photographs centred around the eye entitled ‘Your Beautiful Eyes’. He also did a macro series of animals eyes which is incredible to see because of the amazing different shapes and colours in the animal kingdom. Here are some examples that I found particularly striking.










Reflection – The eye has had a massive impact on the direction of my project and I feel that it will be the focal point of my final video, mixed with various representations of the other themes that create a dystopian atmosphere.

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