Finished Prezi.

I finished my presentation ready for tomorrow afternoon. I am happy with the way it looks, I feel that I have incorporated everything that is needed to show my thought process in developing my idea.


I start off by talking about the origins and early visions of the future and how science fiction was portrayed as being a prosperous place. Then I move on to the rise of dystopian science fiction and the darker visions of the future (and touch briefly on the imagery of the eye), which leads on to our modern predictions that if the human race doesn’t stop being so arrogant and self destructive we will doom our selves to a post-apocalyptic future. Next, I speak about how these apocalyptic visions tie in to themes of decline and decay in both metaphorical and literal senses. This links to the idea that fear is what is driving us towards this future but fear is also what we need to realise we can not carry on the path we are heading down.

I then go back to the imagery of the eye and what it represents. The eye is an important symbol that I will be incorporating, quite heavily, into my final piece. This then brings me to the use of macro to convey these dystopian themes. Macro is there to symbolise the unseen details around us that the majority of people don’t notice and how it is that ignorance that could be the downfall of our race.

The rest of the presentation is taken up by my thoughts on how I intend on lighting the shoots I do and some test shots I have already taken.

Reflection – After a couple of nervy weeks when I wasn’t confident I was going to have a strong idea, I feel I have found a subject meaty enough to get my teeth into and really get something¬†intriguing out of it. As long as I keep my cool in the pitch I think I could do quite well.

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