Easter Holiday Progress.

During the Easter break I have been practicing using my camera, taking macro test shots and experimenting with macro videography. I have discovered that although the 50mm Pentax prime I bought delivers a better photo, it is much more difficult to get the perfect focus with, especially in lower light. As when using the extension tubes, less light is let in the aperture needs to be almost (if not fully) open which grants less focal range when filming. Although there is the added bonus of having a manual aperture on the Pentax lens, I seem to be getting easier results when using my 18-55mm Canon lens. during filming, especially when there is a lot to do, I am finding using the 18-55mm more practical and less time consuming to achieve what I am aiming for.

Reflection – I am feeling more confident when filming in macro now. I do need a more stable tripod though and that will be my next move. I am stunned by just how alien the landscape of a human eye looks when viewed up close, I am confident also that the finished product will have a similar effect on all who watch it.

Actions – I am going to take out a decent tripod from college to begin compiling footage of the numerous eyes needed for the video.

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