A Few Test Shots.

What follows are a few shots I took of my own eye during the Easter break. I used my 18-55mm to shoot the first set, the second was using the 50mm Pentax. The difference, at least to me, is quite obvious. All shots are unedited.

First Set –



Second Set –


The first photo in the second set is the only shot out of 25 that had a decent focus on the iris and pupil. i was taking these of my own eye myself with the viewing screen flipped around so I could see when it was in focus. Unfortunately, the ‘live view’ function on my camera that is supposed to give an accurate display of the photos final outcome was not working properly, the image on the screen before the shot was taken was extremely dark whereas when the shot was taken the image was totally over exposed. The practicality of working with those conditions  is not really worth thinking about.

Reflection – Although my Pentax 50mm is a superb lens and takes some beautiful shots, when in conjunction with the extension tubes it isn’t very practical. For this reason I have chosen to stick with my 18-55mm Canon lens to shoot the final product. During the test shoot, I was extremely impressed with how easy it was to achieve these shots with this lens. I feel that I will find it much easier to shoot video on this lens as well.

Actions – Within the next fortnight, I will begin to gather eye footage for my final product. I will also take out a tripod at the end of the week.

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