The Science of Macro.

The Science of Macro.

I found this extremely informational article on the science and workings of macro photography/videography. It brought to my attention an interesting fact about the depth of field issues that I’ve been having. It seems that you get a wider depth of field the further away from the subject you are, regardless of the aperture you are set at. This is why the 100mm macro lens that I used the other day had such a superior depth of focus than when shooting with my 50mm and 18-55mm, I can shoot from a further distance with the 100mm allowing for, in theory, double the depth of focus that the other two lenses can provide even if I set the aperture to f/22.

Reflection – The information in this article was a real eye opener (no pun intended…) but i have to say some of it did go over my head. Hopefully the more time I spend researching the theory behind macro, the more I will come to understand it and as a result I will enhance my camera skills.

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