Time Lapsing.

I have decided that I am going to use at least one time lapse in my project. Some subjects I have thought of doing include a melting ice cube, tablet dissolving slowly in water and an apple turning brown. Hopefully a few more will come to mind once I begin testing time lapsing out.

Reflection – I have been watching a lot of time lapses on Vimeo for a few days now and I was captivated by the simplest things shot in a way I had never seen before. As part of the projects theory is to look into the rarely seen, I realised that using time lapse would enhance my final video and is still keeping within the ethos of the project. I hope that by combining both macro and time lapsing will add a new depth to the increasingly popular standard time lapses, I think that this will be a fresher take on the technique.

Actions – I will research into the practical aspects of shooting time lapses and make steps towards purchasing the necessary items to achieve them.   

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