Maggots Result.

The original idea didn’t turn out as I had expected. Turns out, maggots really do only eat rotting meat and not apples. There are maggots do, but they are a special breed known as Apple Maggots. Instead of doing a time lapse, I decided to just film the maggots in macro. The results were pretty good and I am definitely happy with the footage I captured. I don’t recommend any one who has a weak stomach to watch it though, it is a little bit gross…


Reflection – Although I am happy with the footage I captured, I am at the same time a little disappointed. When I first had the maggots idea, I had visualised the out come. A time lapse of the apple decaying and being devoured, it would have been brilliant in my final video. But, unfortunately, I did not have the time to execute it properly and given another 2 weeks before starting to edit I would have left a piece of meat to rot and then time lapsed the maggots devour that. None the lees, I am happy with the video results and I am confident it will look brilliant in the final piece.



I have been contemplating what else to time lapse as I think there still needs to be more variety in the edit. I was originally wanted to lapse an apple rotting, but I discovered that it takes quite a while for that to happen and as I have only just begun to experiment with time lapse I think that it would be impractical to attempt such a long lapse. Instead, I had the idea of putting an apple in a tub of maggots and time lapsing them eating it. I hope this will be a quicker process and I will get some decent footage from it.

I have bought some maggots and I will be conducting the time lapse today. I will post the results later.

‘Test Shot’ Photos.

I mentioned in a previous post about making a grid of photos made up from screen shots of the eyes used in the final video. Below is an example of the images I will be using.


There are 20 images to be put into a 4×6 grid on the first wall of my exhibition space. The other wall will have a framed photo of my own eye, but I am going to burn the frame so it looks decayed and degraded and will link in with the imagery of the burning objects in the video.


Today I burnt things in macro. The result was great, I had some splintered wooden spindels and some wire wool. During a conversation with my tutor, Johny Byrne, we were on the topic of burning things when he suggested the wire wool. When you touch a 9v battery to wire wool, it creates a circuit and ignites the wire causing it to spread along the tiny threads. It looks amazing.

For the splintered wood, I used a small blow torch to burn and char it. This also looked great in macro, along with the embers once the flames had died out it made for brilliant footage.


Camer set up for wood burning.


Blow torch.


Screen shot from the wire wool shoot. It fits in with the rest of the footage really well.

Reflection – The shoot went better than I expected in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting such good results. The wire wool especially looked brilliant, it reminded me of signal pathways in the brain. The footage definitely fits in with the theme of the project and adds a touch of destruction to the video that was already there, but it needed something a bit harsher and vicious. Fire was the perfect thing for it.

Actions – ┬áI have already started to edit this footage into the sequence, apart from something to film that represents time I am almost finished in terms of editing.

Science Results.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with the chemicals. I discovered that mixing a little of the potassium permanganate with the citric acid/sodium bi-carb mixture, it created a purple effervescent ball that looked amazing in macro. The footage I captured of that is definitely going to be in the final edit.

Also, the potassium permanganate had another usefulness. I was thinking of doing another time lapse of an ice cude and had the idea of sprinkling some of the crystals on top. As the ice melted, the potassium started to dissolve as well and as a result, purple started dripping down the sides. It looks almost like a melting candle. Another shot I got was of some kitchen roll absorbing the potassium solution and turning it a deep red/purple. It looks fantastic.

Reflection – I am extremely happy with the results of my experiment with these items, I managed to get some really stunning macro and time lapse footage that I know will work very well into my project.

Actions – Next I am going to be burning things, for example splintered wood, wire wool and also the malachite and iron filing that I have.

The Edit Update.

The editing process is coming along quite well, I have around two minutes completed with two and a half still left to go. It seems quite promising that I will be finished on target. As the deadline is now getting extremely close, it is my development folder that needs the attention now.