Exhibition Space.

I have been giving some thought into my exhibition space and so far I have come up with a few ideas

The set up will be as follows; I will be displaying my final video on a Mac using Quicktime Player. I originally thought of putting the video on a constant loop but then I changed my mind as I want the audience to see it from beginning to end, not start halfway though, to give the biggest impact. The Mac will be placed on a desk. I will also have my camera set up with the extension tubes so visitors to the exhibiton can have a photo taken of their own eye.

The space will be composed of three exhibition boards constructed in the shape of an ‘L’, the measure ment will be 8ft by 4ft. My original idea was to char the exhibition boars to look like they are degraded and decaying, but I realise there isn’t really anywhere that I can take a blow torch to my boards safely so this idea may have to be dropped. Instead, I thought of having a grid of screen shots of the peoples eyes I used to make the film and add text to them saying things like ‘Test Piece No 1’ and make them look as though they are some sort of case study. On the next wall, I will have a framed photo of my own eye but the frame will be burnt and charred as well as part of the photo to give that dystopian feel. Above the pictures, I will have the title of the piece, ‘DYSTOPIA’, cut out of a grey card using a scalpel. The letters will be spaced apart to resemble the title sequence to the video. In regards to lighting, I think this still needs more thought and I will give this more attention soon.

Reflection – I feel my ideas regarding the exhibition space are quite good, I only wish that I could properly burn and char the boards I am using. I think that would give a very strong apocalyptic, dystopian feel to the space. But I think I will have to compromise unfortunately.

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