The Time Lapse.

Finally, the intervalometer that I ordered around two weeks ago has arrived. There were some issues with postage which hasn’t left me with a great deal of time to experiment.

I decided to start with time lapsing the melting of an ice cube, using macro, because after some research online I discovered that the main advice being given in photography forums was to start with something indoors so you can control the lighting conditions and the environment around the subject. After spending a while getting familiar with the intervalometer, I began to understand its functions and how to set the device up to shoot time lapses. Again, after some research online, I found that you can not just set the intervalometer to any random setting and watch it go. There are calculations that must be made to ensure what you are shooting will be captured with the right exposure, intervals between frames and how many frames need to be captured.

I figured out that an ice cube takes roughly 30 minutes to melt at room temperature. The rest of my footage is shot at 30fps, so if my time lapse is to run at 30fps that would make 10 seconds of full speed footage. To get 30fps for 10 seconds that would mean I need 300 frames shot, 300 frames over 30 minutes means 10 shots a minute. So I need to set the shot interval at 6 seconds to get the 10 shots within each minute. Below is couple of shots of the time lapse in progress.


Reflection – As this was my first attempt at time lapsing, I was slightly sceptical of how it was going to turn out. And until I have pieced it together in After Effects, I’m not positive it was a success. But I am happy with how the shoot went and I think that the knowledge I have gained about DSLR photography and filming over the past year proved extremely handy in the time lapse process.

Actions – Next I am going to piece together the photos in After Effects and I will hopefully have a decent time lapse that can be used in the final video.

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