Science Stuff.

So I have acquired some basic chemicals, nothing dangerous, to experiment with and film the results in macro and maybe time lapse. Below is a list of the things I have.Image

Potassium Permanganate – KMnO4, when added to water it breaks down and causes beautiful purple streaks.


Iron Fillings – Fe, when thrown into flames they cause sparks. Not sure if this will be easy to capture in macro.


Malachite – CuSO4, this turns the flame green when burned.


Magnesium – Mg, this burns a bright white when put to a flame. I don’t think that this will be practical to film, let alone in macro.


Citric Acid – C6H8O7, this stuff reacts to water in an effervescent way. When mixed with sodium bicarbonate and a little olive oil to bond, it creates a sort of bath bomb which will be interesting at a macro level.

Reflection –  I am looking forward to experimenting with these items and I am hoping for some good results with filming them too.

Actions – I will film the experiments and post the results at a later date.

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