Science Results.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with the chemicals. I discovered that mixing a little of the potassium permanganate with the citric acid/sodium bi-carb mixture, it created a purple effervescent ball that looked amazing in macro. The footage I captured of that is definitely going to be in the final edit.

Also, the potassium permanganate had another usefulness. I was thinking of doing another time lapse of an ice cude and had the idea of sprinkling some of the crystals on top. As the ice melted, the potassium started to dissolve as well and as a result, purple started dripping down the sides. It looks almost like a melting candle. Another shot I got was of some kitchen roll absorbing the potassium solution and turning it a deep red/purple. It looks fantastic.

Reflection – I am extremely happy with the results of my experiment with these items, I managed to get some really stunning macro and time lapse footage that I know will work very well into my project.

Actions – Next I am going to be burning things, for example splintered wood, wire wool and also the malachite and iron filing that I have.

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