Today I burnt things in macro. The result was great, I had some splintered wooden spindels and some wire wool. During a conversation with my tutor, Johny Byrne, we were on the topic of burning things when he suggested the wire wool. When you touch a 9v battery to wire wool, it creates a circuit and ignites the wire causing it to spread along the tiny threads. It looks amazing.

For the splintered wood, I used a small blow torch to burn and char it. This also looked great in macro, along with the embers once the flames had died out it made for brilliant footage.


Camer set up for wood burning.


Blow torch.


Screen shot from the wire wool shoot. It fits in with the rest of the footage really well.

Reflection – The shoot went better than I expected in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting such good results. The wire wool especially looked brilliant, it reminded me of signal pathways in the brain. The footage definitely fits in with the theme of the project and adds a touch of destruction to the video that was already there, but it needed something a bit harsher and vicious. Fire was the perfect thing for it.

Actions –  I have already started to edit this footage into the sequence, apart from something to film that represents time I am almost finished in terms of editing.


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