Maggots Result.

The original idea didn’t turn out as I had expected. Turns out, maggots really do only eat rotting meat and not apples. There are maggots do, but they are a special breed known as Apple Maggots. Instead of doing a time lapse, I decided to just film the maggots in macro. The results were pretty good and I am definitely happy with the footage I captured. I don’t recommend any one who has a weak stomach to watch it though, it is a little bit gross…


Reflection – Although I am happy with the footage I captured, I am at the same time a little disappointed. When I first had the maggots idea, I had visualised the out come. A time lapse of the apple decaying and being devoured, it would have been brilliant in my final video. But, unfortunately, I did not have the time to execute it properly and given another 2 weeks before starting to edit I would have left a piece of meat to rot and then time lapsed the maggots devour that. None the lees, I am happy with the video results and I am confident it will look brilliant in the final piece.


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